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Gluten Free WorldWide provides up to date recommendations on where to find the best in gluten-free restaurants, products and recipes around the globe.

Whether you suffer from Celiac Disease, a gluten-intolerance or simply prefer to follow a gluten-free diet, this resource will help you find the best food available.


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simple gluten-free recipes - home cooking


For the best gluten-free breads, starters, mains and desserts visit our Recipes Page .

If you’d like some more information on the Gluten-Free Diet or some tips on cooking and baking gluten-free visit our Gluten-Free Diet and Cooking tips page.

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gluten-free videos


Expand your gluten-free diet!

Visit our videos page and learn how to make a gluten- free quiche, pizza or chocolate cake!!



Coeliac Disease


To find out more about Coeliac Disease  (Celiac Disease) please visit this page in our resources section. 

If you would like to make contact with a coeliac society / group or organisation in your region then visit our Coeliac Associations, Societies & Groups page.



Gluten Free Shopping



There are more and more gluten-free items becoming available for purchase online.  To see a selection of what Amazon has to offer Coeliacs and those who folllow a gluten-free diet, from books  to baking supplies  to groceries, check out our Gluten Free Store UK/Europe or


Gluten-Free Travel

We understand how difficult it is, especially when travelling, to maintain a gluten-free diet without missing out on the best of a city’s gastronomical offerings.

To solve this problem, and take the hassle out of travelling gluten-free, we developed our directory with the user in mind. Our directory includes direct links to restaurant and bakery websites and menus , descriptions of the type of cuisine they offer, and a dedicated  gluten-fee map for every city.