Gluten-Free in Rome

Whether you suffer from Celiac Disease, a gluten-intolerance or simply prefer to follow a gluten-free diet, this page will help you find the best gluten-free choices available in Rome.

Ristorante Il Viaggio

Via Isonzo, 14
00198 Roma
Tel. +39 0697997043

All the dishes of Il Viaggio are available gluten-free!! Remember to let staff know when ordering, but fear not as the restaurant is –‘informed and monitored by the ‘Italian Celiac Association. All staff has been trained for the proper preparation of food in order to avoid any contamination from gluten. Our kitchen uses especially fresh food gluten-free and artisan elaboration certified by the Ministry of Health.’ From pasta to fish to beef to pizza to veal – it’s all available here. And if you like it, why not try one of their gluten-free cooking courses.



Ristorante Nini

Viale Gorizia, 5
00198 Roma
(angolo Via Nomentana)
Quartiere Parioli/Trieste
tel +39 06 8540741

The Hotel Fenix provides a gluten-free menu on request. Relax in its stylish and modern dining room.

Il Capriccio


Offering many Italian classics as well as Sicilian specialities Il Capriccio has it’s own gluten-free menu. Why not take the weight off and relax on your vacation to Italy in this comfortable restaurant in Rome’s old Trastevere district.


Sans de Blé

Via Gabriello Chiabrera, 58
00145 Rome, Italy
+39 389 900 8807

Gluten-free bakery offering a wide range of gluten-free pastries, cakes and other treats to sweeten up your gluten-free trip to Rome.

Mama Eat!

00153 – ROMA (RM)
Tel: 06 5806222

Pizzeria serving gluten-free pasta, pizza, panninis, desserts and beer!


Taverna Barberini

via delle quattro fontane 160

00184 Rome

Italy (Trevi)

Tel : 06 4883619

We’ve had quite a few recommendations for this place and hopefully their website will be up and running soon so we can pour over their menus. Most things on the menu are gluten-free or can be made so. Their GF pasta is said to be fantastico!  Let us know if you agree.

Fata Morgana Gelato

Via Lago di Lesina 9/11
00199 – Roma (Trieste-Salario)
Tel. +39 06 86391589

Via Bettolo 7
00195 – Roma (Prati)
Tel. +39 37519093

Piazza degli Zingari 5
00184 – Roma (Rione Monti)

An amazing array of flavours and combinations here at Fatamorgana , and all completely gluten-free. 3 more locations on website.